RX and TX specializes in providing supply, installation and support services for AV& ELV projects of all levels of complexity. We can provide solutions meeting today’s needs with future-proofed support infrastructure. We can help your organization gain a competitive edge by leveraging audio visual and conferencing technology as productive tools. We will provide you with unmatched AV service and support before, during and after the AV integration to ensure you are always satisfied with your audiovisual investment. Because we design, install and service all systems, we provide you with the resources you need to implement a fully integrated audiovisual solution.


The world's ever increasing demand for energy is rapidly changing our environment and the need for energy efficiency in every aspect of our daily lives has never been greater..
We offer a comprehensive range of energy saving lighting control solutions from basic presence detection, through to full wireless control and monitoring systems. Holler out or tap your finger on your smart phone, and we promise you full control of your surroundings. Our team will convert your environment, whether office or home, into an automated digital extension of your living or work area. We bring with us an in-depth understanding of product- manufacturer mix combined with a deep-rooted passion for technology.


Over the past few years,Background Music Services has evolved considerably, with providers offering advanced features as customized programming to suit each customer's unique brand, timed/by-store programming and near real-time messaging options.Background Music Services provide businesses with audio/music solutions. Most providers offer digital music through a host of web-based management tools and deliver the content via the Internet and satellite communications.Background Music services allow Operator to build their in-store experience through music and create targeted advertising and promotions while on hold.


Entry systems solution for homes and businesses including audio and video entry systems with one or multiple call buttons, keypad or proximity reader. Professionally installed at competitive prices with parts and labor.


Public address and emergency voice evacuation has become a life safety system in all high-rise towers, Schools and complexes. This system not only provides music in the premises but also plays a lifesaving role when it comes to emergency.


In time-related applications, you must determine which clock will be used as the reference for all other clocks and understand how to transfer the time from the reference clock to all other clocks. The solution is a special timing reference clock, or master clock. The method by which the accuracy of the master clock is transferred to another, slave, or secondary clock, is known as synchronization. Typically, GPS satellite signals are utilized for synchronization to ensure accurate time, but other references such as local atomic clocks can be used.


SMATV is Single Master Antenna Television, The purpose of SMATV is for supplying and controlling the number and type of channels to multiple televisions. Not only TV channels but FM channels as well. It consists of single outdoor unit or antenna feeding to number of indoor units.


Audio and visual technologies forma major part of the meeting or classroom environment. Video, web conferencing and room booking are major part of the Boardroom capabilities. Audiovisual system provides opportunities for effective communication between teacher and students in learning. Interactive Board, Interactive panel, audio system and projection system are the main services, which we offer for Schools.